Equine Fine Art

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Equine portraits are elegant representations of your equine companion. The final edited art is eye catching for sales, a bold statement in stud advertisements, and stunning art in your home or stable office. No matter how it’s displayed, an equine portrait will remind you of your own love of horses and your own living, four legged art piece in your barn.

Horse Prep

A lot of work goes into these portraits to make them look absolutely perfect, and that includes extensive touch-ups. A little housekeeping goes a long way, so clean what you can but no need to worry about scratches, scars, fungus or other blemishes. For a polished portrait, clip braid or style your horse in their discipline, don't forget the hoof polish! You will never regret taking the time to go the extra mile - it will show, literally!


If you would like photos taken with their bridle and/or other tack, make sure it is clean and ready to go before the shoot. I will also supply halters that are easily removed in photoshop if you like the "naked" look.


The ever popular Black Background images are best shot in bright but shaded area to ensure even light across the whole horse. I will scout the area to choose the best available location. If you would like "lifestyle" type images around the barn, make sure the area is tidy - no buckets, ropes, hoses lying around.

Black Background

45 Minute Shoot time.
Online Gallery.
5 Edited Social Media
$300 Print Credit.


Platinum Package

2 hour Shoot Time.
Online Gallery.
All Edited Social Media Images.
Additional 30 Minute Black Background Shoot.
$1200 Print Credit.


Basic Package

1 Hour Shoot Time.
Online Gallery.
5 Edited Social Media Images.
$300 Print Credit.